Australian Oestopathy Association (AOA)


Database of Osteopathic Clinical Cases Studies (DOCCS)

This project aims to investigate the need for assisting the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA) to establish a Database of Osteopathic Clinical Cases Studies (DOCCS) consisting of publications and resources for use by its practitioners. Once completed, the DOCCS will highlight the osteopathic clinical reasoning processes that serve to illustrate the mix of traditional knowledge, tacit knowledge, and evidence based practices that underpin the application of accepted osteopathic principles.
Different practitioners’ approaches to achieving positive clinical outcomes are of interest to a wide range of stakeholders. Therefore, a key consideration in this project is the identification of high quality and useful resources that will enhance the capacity of private practitioners and associated stakeholders to participate in and contribute to the DOCCS.
The goal of the DOCCS is to provide a means of skill building by assisting to develop users’ expertise in collecting appropriate data and writing up case-studies in a scholarly way. Once collected, the various case studies will be readily accessible by researchers, educators, and students, as well provide a valid source for stimulating discussions by Special Interest Groups.
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