Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI)


The Academy Portal Project

The Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) is an Australian nonprofit non-governmental organisation with an international focus on eye care research and vision care delivery. Formerly the Institute for Eye Research, in 2010 it was renamed in recognition of co-founder Brien Holden, a 1997 recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia for his contributions to eye care research.

The Institute’s mission is the worldwide eradication of preventable blindness and vision impairment, including people in under served communities. Its mission statement is: “We believe that sight is a fundamental right for everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to develop new solutions for vision care and eliminate vision impairment and avoidable blindness, thereby reducing poverty and suffering. We recognise the importance of building local and sustainable systems of eye care in collaboration with national health systems and meeting local community needs, allowing us to work alongside existing infrastructure to establish and/or improve delivery of eye care. We place a deep emphasis on community control in our partnerships at the local level to achieve affordable and quality eye care. To that end it undertakes research, offers postgraduate eye research opportunities to students, supports new technologies and helps deliver sustainable eye care throughout the world.”

The Institute, through its Public Health Division, aims to establish an Academy Portal, a comprehensive online platform that will assist in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Provide an efficient system for the administration of Academy courses including online, blended and face to face modes.
  • House a central library of education resources that can be easily accessed and used by institute educators for any education initiative.
  • House a central library of education resources that can be easily accessed and used by external eye care educators and students.
  • Enable the delivery of quality courses that are accessible across all regions including resources poor settings.
  • Host communities of practice in eye care and eye care education that can continue learning beyond initial courses and encourages lifelong learning.
  • Be updated and added to with the continual change in the online education space.
  • Collect information about students, courses and learning that will inform further development of online eye care education

My role is to examine the Institute’s proposed online plans and existing facilities, evaluate and analyse their current issues and future needs, and recommend appropriate plans and strategies for realising the above listed outcomes.

For further information about the Brien Holden Vision Institute, click here.


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