University of New England (UNE) [2]

Courseware Redevelopment (Future Campus) Project

Senior Learning Designer

The Courseware Redevelopment Project builds on the work carried out by UNE’s Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) Review in 2009 and the New and Revitalised Courses workstream of the e-University Project 2012, to position UNE as the nation’s leading quality tertiary education provider.
Funding for this initiative was provided by the Department of Industry Innovation Science Research and Tertiary Education under the Higher Educational Structural Adjustment Funding [SAF] programme. The Structural Adjustment Funding enabled the University to invest in and develop cutting edge educational technologies and pedagogies, based on rigorous research and best practice principles, and to develop a sustainable model beyond the life of the project
The project removed the dependency on occasional short-term, individual initiatives and instead established coordinated and integrated learning and teaching practices and processes to the point where they are now business as usual for both the duration of the project and into the future.
As part of meeting the objectives of the Courseware Redevelopment Project, 3 Senior Learning Designers were engaged to support the pilot phase. The primary objectives of the engagement were to assess and provide recommendations on the Unit Redevelopment Plan for existing units that had been developed in Moodle. This work required:

  • Unit assessment
  • Learning design recommendations against:
    • the Quality Matters Rubric
    • Innovation in Learning Design
    • Accessibility Compliance
  • Collaboration with UNE Unit coordinators to agree on a Unit Redevelopment Plan (URP)

The Unit Redevelopment Plan defines:

  • Activities
  • Identification of the types of resources required
  • Informed estimation of the time required for redevelopment activities

The deliverables made by the Senior Learning Designers included:

  • Unit Evaluation Report (UNE Template)
  • Project Plan
  • ‘Lessons Learned’ report on completion

The UNE Unit Coordinator provided Senior Educational Designers in advance with an overview of each unit, and their aspirations and challenges with each unit. Each Senior Educational Designer was then required to assess the unit for use of innovation and technology, to liaise with the Unit Coordinator, and to inject educational rigor through the integration of appropriate learning theory into UNE’s learning materials, incorporating the latest educational technologies and pedagogical research.
As one of the 3 Senior Educational Designers, I also supported the University’s strategic objective to enhance delivery of its distance education learning materials, to embrace innovation in teaching and learning delivery and to implement technology for open, transformative and flexible delivery.

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