University of New England (UNE) [1]

Integration of the Learning and Teaching Evaluation Framework (LTEF) into UNE Strategic Online Projects

The overarching aim of this project is to establish complete coordination and integration of all components of UNE’s online strategies, projects, and plans to ensure maximum fulfilment of its vision for teaching and learning in the future. The main goal is to integrate the Learning and Teaching Evaluation Framework (LTEF) and the related Strategy Construction Kit into UNE’s online implementation programme. The intended outcomes are to establish:

  • An online strategy plan tailored to addressing the specific needs and issues of each school.
  • An institution wide online strategy plan and policy derived directly from the schools’ strategic plans.
  • An online quality assurance plan covering all elements of the UNE T&L Plan, the Strategic Plan, and the LTEF.
  • Integration of the quality assurance plan and the related LTEF into all sub-projects of the SAF Courseware Redevelopment project.
  • Tailored quality assurance processes and measures to guide future success in online design, development, and delivery.

In brief, these recommended quality assurance processes and measures will monitor and assess, but not be limited to the following factors:

  • Usability, usefulness, and effectiveness of online learning technologies and environments.
  • Quality and consistency of online learning design and delivery processes.
  • Quality, functionality, and usability of online learning content and multimedia.
  • Meeting appropriate standards including accessibility.
  • Adherence to UNE online learning delivery policies and requirements.
  • Observation of the priorities and strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan 2011-2015 and the UNE L&T plan.

Related evaluation processes will be used to measure/appraise:

  • Design processes used during online development.
  • Teaching staff experiences.
  • Effectiveness of delivery systems and processes.
  • Quality of learning outcomes achieved.
  • User (student) satisfaction.


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