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Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) Evaluation Project

I have been directly responsible for implementing two major initiatives that are now core to online planning and strategy implementation at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). These initiatives afford a comprehensive foundation on which any educational organisation can manage the complexities of technological change in learning and teaching whilst ensuring evidence-based evaluation practices and quality assurance procedures are continually observed.

  • The Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT) Evaluation Framework (also known as the Learning and Teaching Evaluation Framework (LTEF) is a comprehensive, educationally driven, multi-faceted tool for providing evidence-based assessment of the learning and teaching technologies in use by an educational organisation. University. The evaluation processes are focused on understanding and improving online technologies and their application to teaching and learning, and is critical in determining the usability, actual learning effectiveness, and for ensuring close alignment with students’ learning needs and preferences. The aim is to assess the depth of student comprehension and measurable improvements to teaching and learning.


  • The Policy, Planning and Strategy Construction Kit provides a practical link between the broad aims and strategies of an organisation’s online plans and strategies and the needs and aspirations of staff and students. The Kit provides six distinct steps for supporting Faculties and Schools to adopt and align online learning with their especial needs, preferences, and resources from which to construct tailored online policies, plans, and strategies. The Kit guides integration with the Evaluation Framework across three distinct levels (the broad Faculty level, the Course Coordinator level, and the Individual Lecturer level).

In addition, I was also responsible for:

  • Devising tailored quality assurance procedures for online learning that align with the organisation’s Teaching and Learning and Online strategy plans.
  • Integrating quality assurance procedures into online learning programmes.
  • Conducting evaluation and benchmarking studies to measure and guide future directions in online design, development, and delivery.
  • Identifying gaps to construct professional development programmes for staff using technology in their teaching and learning practices.
  • Establishing pilot projects designed to measure the educational value of learning technologies.
  • Initiating, conducting, analysing, and reporting on research into students’ and staff experience of face-to-face and online learning and teaching.
  • Conducting longstanding research into determining the effective use of new and emerging technologies and media for enhancing students’ learning experience and staff teaching skills.
  • Producing extensive evidence of the development, implementation, and evaluation of guidelines and resources that encourage educationally effective online learning and teaching capabilities in teaching staff.
  • Initiating the development of strategies to achieve wider dissemination and adoption of innovative practices in the use of media and technology in learning and teaching.
  • Identifying, trialling, evaluating and reporting on the affordances of emerging media and related technologies for L&T.

The broad outcome of the preceding work has been the development of evaluation and review procedures that support the identification of emerging technologies and facilitate the assessment of their educational value. The purpose is to determine the usability, usefulness, and educational effectiveness of current and emerging technologies for addressing students’ learning needs and preferences. The goal is to assess the educational effectiveness of these technologies in terms of the depth of student comprehension, measurable improvements to the learning and teaching processes, and to prioritise the selection of technologies that support these goals.

The following links provide insight into how the TELT Evaluation Framework has been put into practice at UNSW since 2010:

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