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Panel for the Provision of Strategic Planning Services

In 2013, Victoria University (VU) determined that it requires timely access to the services of suitably qualified and experienced Strategic Planning Consultants to provide advice and analysis in relation to development of educational programmes, research, and knowledge exchange.
The Panel for the Provision of Strategic Planning Services comprises a group of strategists with specialist global experience in both the corporate, civic, and education sectors. Two of the specialties provided to the university’s educational expertise and offerings include:

  • Strategic planning through the application of the Resilient Futures Framework (RFF), and,
  • Teaching and learning technology evaluation through the Learning Technology Evaluation Framework (LTEF)

The RFF is designed specifically for ‘strategy in action’, rapid product prototyping, business model innovation, and market making. All of these are essential ingredients in the strategic transformation process to develop new products, services, and market positioning for universities in the 21st century
The LTEF is designed for the risk managed and strategically robust transformation of offline teaching and learning to online. In the rush to go online through the likes of MOOCs, many universities are blindly investing in online product, teaching and learning processes and technologies that may not stand the test of time.
The combination of the RFF and LTEF bring together two critical strategic planning elements for universities to deal with the complex layers of change and challenges they face.
My services apply to the LTEF (see Publications), which assists universities to manage the fast-changing and globally competitive world of online education. The LTEF presents universities with a framework for reviewing and developing strategy for both their teaching and learning delivery and ‘product’, and also for the business model/s that underpin/s their future online success.
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