West Coast Institute of Training (WCIT)


Plan to Execute Phase 2 of the WCIT Pedagogy Project


This project builds on Phase 1 of the WCIT Pedagogy Project, which advanced a shared view and established a common understanding of the learning strategies that WCIT will adopt in the near future to address current and emerging trends in vocational education and training. The completed aims and subsequent recommendations made in the Phase 1 report directly inform the aims and objectives of this project.

In brief, Phase 2 focuses on the identification, selection, and eventual procurement of the “enabling technologies” and related technical services that support the successful realisation of the learning strategies identified in Phase 1. This will be achieved through the provision of an evaluation and strategy development framework that will assist to address WCIT’s future ICT needs and serves to underpin:

    • the continued enhancement of the L & T online learning approaches and practices applied at WCIT that look beyond the now and well into the future;
    • the efficient tracking of the trajectory of success (and failure) of educational technologies used by WCIT lecturers across time; and
    • the establishment of WCIT as a recognised leader in online teaching and learning, through the provision of opportunities for inclusive and accessible learning for all learners that is underpinned by a comprehensive evidence-based educational and interactive technology implementation plan.


More specifically, the learning strategies identified in Phase 1 are intended to underpin the development of online courseware and ICT infrastructure at WCIT over the forthcoming years. In order to preserve consistency with the strategic learning foundation established in Phase 1, the outcomes of Phase 2 will be to provide the capability for identifying and selecting ICT infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and staff training provisions.

The following objectives provide the benchmarks upon which the success of the Phase 2 project goals will be measured:

    • To identify appropriate enabling technologies to implement contemporary strategies that engage students in authentic learning experiences.
    • To identify the current and desired provision of ICT infrastructure and technical support for implementation of the identified enabling technologies; and
    • To develop a procurement plan for identified ICT infrastructure not already available at WCIT.


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